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Note: The LocalGuiding API is no longer supported. Please contact us about our new rent-a-guide API.

The LocalGuiding API is a RESTful API that provides JSON formatted tour data

How to access our JSON data

Example 1: Request JSON data using format query string parameter

curl http://api.localguiding.com/v1/tours?format=json

Example 2: Request JSON data without defying the format query string parameter

curl -H "Accept: application/json" "http://api.localguiding.com/v1/tours"

For the second example please keep in mind to set “application/json” to get json.


API Functions

1. Get list of tours by destination


This query returns the tours by destination. In this example, a list of the first 10 tours available in Istanbul will be returned. For each tour listing we return the following fields:



To paginate to the next 10 tour listings, add the parameter page=2

E.g. for Istanbul:


2. Get tour detail info


This query returns the tour detail information. In this example, the detail of the tour “Istanbul Walking Tour” in Istanbul Turkey will be returned. For each tour we return the following fields:



Tracking Code

How we track your referred bookings?
To track the bookings referred by your site, you have to include your partner ID when linking back to our site. We save this ID together with the user cookie for up to 6 months. That’s why we are able to link users to your ID, even if the user doesn’t book in the first time and doesn’t come again through your site.

When linking back / redirecting to the localguiding tour detail web page, the link must include the following tracking code:


where [myID] is the provided partner id (contact us at support[ät]localguiding.com if you don’t have yet received a partner ID).

Where to add the partner ID (aff_id)
The ID has to be included at the end of the link we provide in the field linkHTML of each tour detail resource


Assuming your partner ID is: qf11k0dSDE

Then add ?aff_id= qf11k0dSDE to the link:




We would like to hear your feedback. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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