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Hello everyone and welcome in my personal page. I was born and live in Pompeii where my family lives since generations. I'm an archaeologist and a licensed guide and I live my job with passion and satisfaction. Contact me to visit every archaeological site, the cities, the island and the museums of my extraordinary region. I can provide exclusive and tailor-made tours, projected according to your requirements. Chuoosing my tours you will receive quality service and cultural enrichment. I am a friendly and cheerful person and tend to treat my clients as if they were my friends. I like to give interesting insights of Italian life, and I’m always happy to offer advises. I am used at working with small groups as well as big groups. I can guarantee punctuality, amusement, professionalism.

Working with tourists is for me a delight, I receive great satisfaction comparing myself with people having diverse cultures, and at the same time I'm proud to show them the beauty of my region



This tour consist in a marvellous walk around the ancient roman city of Pompeii that has been buried from the ashes of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 a. D.

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Archaeological Museum of Naples

The archaeological museum of Naples preserves most of the extraordinary masterworks of art.

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Pompei and Capri - shore excursion

Shore excursion from Naples to Pompei and Capri.

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Phlegraean Fields - shore excursion

The Phlegrean Fields are an area well connected to the metropolis of Naples, full of history, art and nature.

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Salerno and Paestum-shore excursion

Today Salerno is on of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and is lliveing a great demographic and cultural renaissance.

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Naples city centre

Naples is a brilliant city on Italy’s southwest cost of Italy.

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Pompeii Full day

Why a day tour at Pompeii? The Sun path marked the daily activities of the inhabitants in ancient Pompeii.

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The best of Vesuvian Archaeology by train

The Circumvesuviana is a local train with stops in all towns on the slopes of the Mount Vesuvius.

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Pompeii day tour from Rome

Visiting Pompeii is a day life experience to be enjoyed trough a detailed tour.

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The Villa of Oplontis is an imperial villa probably belonging to Poppea, second wife of the Emperor Nero.

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Capodimonte Museum

The Capodimonte Museum is one of the most prestigious and rich in the panorama of Italian and European museums.

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Pompeii and Amalfi Coast - shore excursion

This marvelous tour includes an unforgettable guided tour at Pompeii and a great drive along the winding panoramic streets of the pretty Amalfi Coast.

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Sorrento and Pompeii

Sorrento is situated on a terrace overlooking the splendid Amalfi coastline.

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Capri Full Day Tour

Capri is a small island famous in the entire world.

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Pompeii and Herculaneum

This tour consists in a marvellous walk around of the ancients roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried from the ashes of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 a.D.

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Capri by private boat from Naples or Sorrento

Transportation by a comfortable motorboat Tornado 42, from Naples or Sorrento to pictureque island of Capri with its enchanting Blue Grotto.

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