The 10 most popular Cities in the USA

1. New York City

New York is probably the most popular city in the world. This vibrant metropolis with its 18.9 million inhabitans is shaped by being an important location for film, music, sightseeing and culture. Additionally New York is one of the most significant economic and trading centers in the world. The most popular sights and attractions are the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Wall Street, Ellis Island and the Time Square. You should not miss out on these classic NY sites, even if the turmoil and the huge crowds of tourists might get stressful. A few simple tricks can save you money and stress. The Statue of Liberty can conveniently be admired during a boat trip to Staten Island, where you can take great pictures. The fee for the ferry ride is included in the Metro Ticket. New York fascinates with its several neighborhoods and districts, such as Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem or Queens.They are unique in their own ways and are all worth a visit. To explore all these areas you can book a local tour guide in New York. They will lead you through the city and you won’t have to worry about getting lost but rather enjoying new impressions and the unique atmosphere.With over 500 galleries, 200 museums, more than 150 theaters and more than 18,000 restaurants New York has a lot to offer. However the Big Apple has the highest living costs in the US and ranks among the most expensive cities in the world.

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas - popular cities in the USA

Las Vegas Entrance Nevada Casino © Martin Str, Pixabay


Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state Nevada and is world famous for its high density of casinos. There are ca. 600,000 people permanently living in Las Vegas and with 39 million tourists visiting the city annually, it definitely belongs to the greatest tourist centers in the world. Las Vegas is surrounded by its myth of endless glamour, great dreams and constant temptation. One will find all of this in the hot night clubs scattered all over the city and maybe even a celebrity. The thrilling excitement and the euphoria can be experienced at the gambling tables in the casinos. For everyone who is not that stress-resistant Las Vegas is famous for legendary shows and performances of superstars. The list is long and impressive: Elvis Presley, the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. und Dean Martin, Céline Dion, Johny Cashm Elton John and the illusionists Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, Criss Angel or the Cirque du Soleil. However it is not all about entertainment and amusement in Las Vegas. The city has a lot to offer for art enthusiasts with an awesome art scene south of downtown in the Las Vergas Art district. And last but not least the typical wedding chapels“ where many marriages can just as easily receive their blessing as they can be undone by law.

3. San Francisco

San Francisco - popular cities in the USA

Golden Gate Bridge © LoggaWiggler, Pixabay


San Francisco is situated in California, the Golden State of the US. The name has Spanish roots and derives fom the Saint Francis of Assisi. 800,000 people are living in San Francisco with its most popular building: the Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the landmarks of the USA and the longest suspension bridge worldwide with a length of 2,737 metres. From all over the San Francisco Bay visitors have a breath-taking view onto the bridge the skyline of the city. An outstanding experience is to sail across the Bay. With an experienced skipper at your side one doesn’t need expert knowledge about sailing and one can enjoy the view during a sailing trip on the San Francisco Bay. Apart from the bridge, there are many more terrific sights and attractions the city has to offer. The infamous Alcatraz prison is located in the Bay and provides thrilling stories about tragic destinies and secrets. Numerous Victorian houses and history-charged places take visitors into the past and are captivating not solely for architecture- and history enthusiasts. San Francisco is deservedly one of the most popular cities in the USA.

4. Los Angeles/Hollywood

Los Angeles - popular cities in the USA

Hollywood, L.A. © provangardt, Pixabay


L.A. is the largest city in the state of California. The city is located by the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles river. With its 3,792,621 inhabitans it is the second largest city in the USA. The city attracts many tourists with the ultimative celebrity feeling and glamour. Strolling along the Walk of Fame and Venice Beach visiting Santa Monica Pier and the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars are given every year, are an absolute must-do. As L.A. is home to the rich and famous, visitors can spend a whole day just looking at the luxurious and magnificent properties during guided tours. Further attractions are Disneyland, the Pacific Park or the Universal Studios. A great city with a lot to see and do which can be explored best by different guided city tours in Los Angeles. The variety of tours seems endless from private and luxurious trips in an SUV, to the classic Hop-on/Hop-off Sightseeing tours.

5. Chicago

Chicago - popular cities in the USA

Chicago © tpsdave, Pixabay


Chicago is located at the southwest Bank of Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois. The population is about 2.8 million. It is the third largest city in the US and has become an important trading center over time. Chicago is best-known for Jazz, Blues and old gangster movies which are often related to the ‘Windy City’. Moreover Chicago is home to the principal future exchange in the world, the ‘Chicago Board of Trade’. But it is not all about the money in this great city where one will also find remarkable architecture and several cultural highlights all over the place. The Willis Tower belongs to one of the many attractions tourists enjoy while having a magnificent view onto the city. Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue offer a variety of shopping opportunities. Leisure time is best spend on the meadows of the city park which reaches as far as the bank of Lake Michigan.

6. San Diego

San Diego - popular cities in the USA

San Diego © PDPhotos, Pixabay


San Diego is home to 1.3 million residents and thus is the second largest city in California and close to the Mexican boarder. The weather, which is consistently warm with a pleasant clima, and awesome beaches stretching out for miles are the reasons, why San Diego is refered to as ‘America’s Finest City’. Popular excursion destinations for visitors and locals alike are SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo, which is famous for its near-nature design and its successful breeding programme for endangered animals. From San Diego the Interstate 5 reaches out to Seattle and the Canadian boarder.

7. Boston

Boston - popular cities in the USA

Boston Skyline © tpsdave, Pixabay


Boston is the state capital of Massachusetts on the east coast of the US. It is one of the oldest and wealthiest metropolis in the US characterized by its cultural and historic background. Boston is the home base of all revolutionary American thinking and place of the first independence efforts in the USA. The Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are both located in Cambridge, Boston. The Symphony Hall is home to the world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra and definitely one of Boston’s cultural treasures. Furthermore, a vast number of parks, yoga studios and the Charles River, contribute to the excellent sport and recreational facilities.

8. Orlando

Orlando - popular cities in the USA

Disney World © stinne24, Pixabay


Orlando lies in the state of Florida and is said to be the tourist capital of the US. It ranks under the most popular cities in the USA not because of its beauty or cultural facilities but Orlando provides a large amount of theme parks which make this place so fancied. With ‘Disney World’ leading the way, and SeaWorld, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando attracts millions of tourists every year.

9. Miami

Miami - popular cities in the USA

Miami Everglades © heiwoe1509, Pixabay


Miami with its 4 million inhabitans is situated in Florida and is one of the most famous cities in the US, due to the associations with sunny weather, beaches and vacation feeling all year round. However, it is not all about sun tanning in Miami: there are many sightseeing attractions worth visiting. Watching crocodiles and alligators in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience during an airboat ride through the Everglades. The neighborhoods Little Havanna, Coral Gables and Coconut Groove should be part of every itinerary as well as the Art-Déco-District and the Ocean Drive where visitors feel like travelling back in time.

10. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. - popular cities in the USA

Washington D.C. Peace Monument © tpsdave, Pixabay


The capital of the United States counts a population of ca. 600,000 people and is always worth a visit due to its impressive history and being the seat of government of one of the most powerful countries in the world. The Capitol, the House of Representatives and of course the White House, which is partly open to the public, are highlights of every Washington D.C. visit. Further attractions are the Lincoln Memorial, the grave of J.F. Kennedy as well as the Kennedy Center, the Union Station and the Washington Monument. For everyone who is interested in history and politics, this city is a definite must-do.

Text: Svea Michardt

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