Three days in Miami – Day 2

3 days Miami Key Biscayne

In the first part of our sequence Three days in Miami – Day 1 we told you all about the sightseeing and the culture of Miami. Today it is time to leave the city behind us and to explore the swampy and grassy landscape of the famous Everglades. We will forget about the luxury at Ocean Drive and instead of fancy roadsters and flamboyant looks you will discover the untouched nature with its exceptional flora and fauna.

3 days in Miami Everglades

Everglades © TanjaC / pixabay

The unique ecosystem of the Miami Everglades

Safari tours within the Everglades are very popular among visitors. You will arrive at the largest subtropical swampland in the world after a short drive from Miami. Various mammals are endemic to the Everglades such as brown and black bears, the Florida panther, wild hourses, bisons and raccoons.

The spring of the fresh water of the Everglades is Okeechobee Lake. The Kissimee river leads the water into the wetlands where it mixes with the sea water of the Gulf of Mexico. That is why fresh water alligators and sea water crocodilles, 600 fish species and various bird species live in the reserve.

A ride with an airboat is an absolute must-do when visiting the area. The drivers maneuver their boats unerringly through the windy mangrove forests and you can enjoy the fascinating nature including the sight of wild alligators. On shore you can watch a Snake Show or participate in a Wildlife Tour where you will meet many of the endemic reptiles.

Everglades Miami in three days

© ed_davad / pixabay

Relax at the Beach of Key Biscayne

Todays attractions are under the banner of nature and relaxation. After leaving the city for an exciting airboat ride through the Everglades the afternoon promises a lot more recreation. The best place to find it is the beach of Crandon Park at Key Biscayne. Locals and tourists alike are escaping the turmoil of the city to spend some quiter hours in this marvellous paradise of Miami.

Alternatively you can visit Miami Seaquarium which is also located at Key Biscayne. Until 2:30 pm you can watch the animal shows with seals, dolphins and orcas which attract many tourists from all over the world. The park is open until 6 pm.

Everyone who appreciates a museum tour should not miss out on the Villa Vizcaya which used to be the residence of James Deering during the winter months. Today it is home to a museum and its 34 rooms are splendidly decorated in the rococo and baroque style. The outdoor facility alone is worth the entrance fee.

No matter what sights and attractions you are interested in, you should at least calculate in half a day to explore Key Biscayne without a hurry.

Three days in Miami

Key Biscayne © guerriernoir / pixabay


After an eventful day we recommend having a delicious dinner in the neighborhood Coconut Grove. Caribean flair, exotic music in the streets and various bars are welcoming you to end a perfect day within a perfect location.

At your last day in the metropolis we will introduce you to further sights worthwhile a visit. Among other things you can look forward to the lovely charme of Coral Gables and its main attractions which we will present to you in the last part of our sequence Three days in Miami – Day 3”.

Text: Svea Michardt

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