Three days in Miami – Day 3


So far we’ve provided sightseeing tips on the heart of Miami and suggestions on excursions in the Everglades with the previous two articles: Three Days in Miami-Day 1 and Three Days in Miami-Day 2.

On the third day of your stay in Miami you will probably wake up slightly heavy-hearted knowing that your last day in this awesome city is about to come to an end. However this should not stop you from making the last day into another exciting day with lots of memorable experiences.

We will take you to a city’s neighborhood which is located secluded from the vibrant city center, and which grew to a remarkable community on its own – Coral Gables, also called ”The City Beautiful”. While cruising through the streets of the district one realizes why this place is popular among the citizens of Miami. Magnificent Mediterranean style mansions, perfectly laid out gardens and gorgeous avenues sum up to a charming neighborhood in Miami. George Merrick founded and planned Coral Gables in 1921 and today the area is a popular residential area preferably among wealthy families. You will definitely recognize the Biltmore Hotel – a shooting location for movies and TV shows such as Bad Boys and CSI Miami.

Three days in Miami Coral Gables

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Matheson Hammock Park and the Venetion Pool

Don’t forget to pack your swim suit, because in Coral Gables there are two amazing opportunites for you to dive into the crystal clear water.

The popularity of the Matheson Hammock Park’s beach is increasing among tourists, however it is far from being threatened by mass tourism and rather an insider tip. Especially during the week one has a great chance to enjoy the picturesque lagoon only with a few other visitors. Here you will see why this place is often used as location for catalogue shoots, due to the incredible view of Miami’s skyline among other things. Even if you don’t want to plunge in the sea today, you should definitely visit this breathtaking site. Nearby you can have a nice walk through the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and discover a sheer endless variety of plants. The entrance fee is USD 20 for adults and USD 10 for children which is fairly reasonable for a relaxing walk amidst the largest collection of living palm trees world wide.

The Venetion Pool is just as idyllic as the beach of the Matheson Hammock Parks. The founder George Merrick also initiated the construction of the pool in 1923 with the instruction of the architect Phineas Paist. Due to the water falls, caves and tropical scenery, the pools are not just a regular public swimming pool, but rather a paradisaic resort of nature and relaxation. In order to avoid long lines you should start early at 10 am when the pool opens, because this place is a true visitor’s magnet.

Three days in Miami

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Having Burgers at Miracle Mile

If, after two days, you haven’t had a proper American meal yet, consisting of fries and burgers, it is time for a culinary discovery. You can choose from a wide range of restaurants situated at Miracle Mile. Next to traditional Burger Restaurants you will have the agony of choice between all sorts of international cuisine e.g. Italian, German, Indian and Mexican food. Even the pickiest eater will find a place for his taste in over 120 cafés, bars and restaurants.

After a delicious lunch you can check out the various shops at the shopping promenade. Exclusive boutiques decorate the main street of Coral Gables and make a walk along Miracle Mile a worthwhile amusement.

Before the day is over you should visit the Biltmore Hotel. The architecure is mediterranean style and its tower is a replica of the Giralda in Sevilla. In the past, the hotel hosted celebrities such as Ginger Roger, Bing Crosby and Al Capone. Here you can take a last picture of your stay in Miami.

As the departure comes closer you can leave Miami with a clear conscience and satisfied that you definitely made the most of the three days in Miami. You have seen the highlights of Miami’s sights, you’ve breathed in the Cuban lifestyle of Little Havanna, spend some leisure time at Ocean Drive and you’ve undertook an exciting excursion to the Everglades. The memories of a stunning visit in the South of Florida will get you over the pain of parting and in pleasent anticipation you can start planning your next vacation.

Text: Svea Michardt

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