Three days in Miami – Day 1

Three days in Miami

Miami is considered to be one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and should be included on every places-to-see-before-I-die list. The city is located in southeastern Florida and allures its visitors with a wide range of activities and various sights. During your stay you can experience the wild nightlife, the flair of South America in Little Havanna, Art Festivals or a spectacular car racing. Be amazed by the marvellous beaches and the Everglades and enjoy the sunny weather throughout the year. If you lack enough time to see and do everything Miami has to offer, we provide three itineraries on how you can spend your precious time best during a three day trip in this awesome city. Pack your sun blocker and: Welcome to Miami!

Day 1 – Sightseeing, Sightseeing and…

…sightseeing. The first day of our stay is dedicated to the city center of Miami and the surrounding neighborhoods. But don’t worry… your vacation is not supposed to end up in a stressful city tour. However Miami is a big city and excels by its great diversity. Impressive skyscrapers, huge finance buildings and hotels in the downtown area are just around the corner of the relaxed neighborhood Little Havanna with its small unique shops and cafes. In Miami Beach it is all about seeing and being seen. Even if the sheer superficiality doesn’t suit your taste, you will enjoy the colourful district and its people. Preferably in one of the many cafes along the Ocean Drive. The rich and famous settled down in the beautiful district Coral Gables, within luxurious Mediterranean mansions. The district is located outside Miami and is a definite must-do while visiting Miami.

Taking the Metromover to discover Downtown Miami

three days in Miami downtown

Miami © Eismannhans /


Once you’ve arrived in the metropolis you should get yourself orientated. One possibility is to rent a car and start a nice sightseeing tour by yourself. However this can turn out to be a big hassle because Miami, with its 5.5 Million inhabitants and many construction sites, is least known for its free roads. Traffic jam in combination with a stressed and disoriented driver does not exactly sound like the perfect access to your vacation. The better way to cover your first orientation is to take the Metromover Miami. The ride is for free and enables you to see the skyline of Miami from a different perspective. The train is air-conditioned and promises a great first insight of Miami. The metromover will take you around the city within one hour regardless of the traffic jam in the streets and is hence perfect to start your short break in Miami.

Little Havanna – A part of Cuba in Miami


Little Havana three days in Miami

Little Havana © US2U Inc.


Afterwards you will experience an absolute contrast to the technologised city center when you visit Little Havanna. The former refugees have found here their second home and brought their cheerful lifestyle to Miami. The Cuban easygoingness with their endless vitality will inspire you to take some of this contagious spirit with you back home. Even the non-smokers amongst you will take pleasure from a visit in a cigar manufacture. During a delicious lunch and a fresh Cafecito you can listen to Cuban sounds in the streets and be captivated by the positive temper of the Hispano- American citizens.

Ocean Drive – All about the looks

Ocean Drive three days in Miami

Ocean Dirve © US2U Inc.


The last stop of the day is the Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. Have a look around the world famous Art Deco District and get enchanted by the buildings from the 1930s and 1940s. It is the second largest area of its kind and not only architecture enthusiasts will be amazed by the pastel shaded fronts and the extraordinary design. Miami is a melting pot of different cultures. The best way to discover the diverse heritage of Miami, is to try local foods during a culinary tour.

A detour to the mansion Casuarin, which used to be home to the fashion designer Gianni Versace, is also worthwhile a trip. As Ocean Drive is the playground for the rich and beautiful you will find a great variety of high class and exclusive fashion boutiques along the street. If you cannot spent a fortune on a new pair of shoes you should check out Collins Avenue. The next street over to Ocean Drive also offers a fantastic shopping experience with rather less expensive shops and brands such as Zara, Puma, Levis, Benetton and many more…

Before the sun sets you should find a seat in one of the bars which become quite crowded during the evening hours. From here you have a great view onto the Ocean Drive with its excentric folk. One roadster after the other are cruising along the road, showing off their status symbols and horsepower. Whether you laugh or admire this performance it will be a marvellous show for free that you can only see in Miami.

The first day was packed with many atttractions and new impressions of the city life. For everyone who is interested in the landscape and nature around Miami or is just looking for some rest at the beaches can look forward to the upcoming days. A trip through the Everglades is just one of many following highlights which will make your three days in Miami just perfect.

To be continued in our second part of our sequence  – Three days in Miami – Day 2

Text: Svea Michardt

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