Top 15 Travel Blogs

Top 15 Travel Blogs

Reading travel blogs is a fabulous way to get inspiration for your next trip. However, the internet is full of them and it can be very difficult to find the best ones. Therefore, rent-a-guide has searched the web and can now present our top 15 travel blogs.

Nomadic Notes

Travel Blog Nomadic Notes

Take a tour around the world with James, a long term traveller and digital nomad from Melbourne. It is impressive to see how many places a single traveller can visit. He constantly provides his readers with detailed descriptions and many photos from his trips to Indonesia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Hungary, Turkey and many other countries at Nomadic Notes.

This blog is not only about first-hand impressions from different countries. You will also find many advices which are useful for every kind of trip. The ‘digital nomad resources’ offer a detailed insight into what it means to live as a digital nomad.

Brooke VS. The World


‘Traveling the world since 2007’ could be the slogan of Brooke VS. The World. Brooke is a true globetrotter, who has documented all her travels on this amazing travel blog. Brooke VS. The World has focused on must-read topics for people who like to travel. Female travel, learning languages and thrifty travel are only some examples of helpful topics which you can discover on this blog.

Four Jandals


Four Jandals describes their project as an adventure travel blog. And they are absolutely right! This blog is not about finding the most posh restaurant or the most luxurious hotel. Four Jandals is all about active travelling from the mountains to the sea.

Do you like to go skiing, diving, biking or rafting? Then this is the place for you. Here you can find the most interesting adventure travel destinations around the world and find all the inspiration you could possibly need. The travel tips offered by Four Jandals will be very helpful for everyone who is planning to go on an adventure tour.

Blonde Brunette Travel


This is a blog about two sisters who like to travel the world together. One day they decided to share their travelling stories, which they acquire from South Africa to Bhutan, on the web. They now have a steadily growing number of fans who like their way of writing and of course their travelling tips for women.

Blonde Brunette Travel is also highly recommended if you are interested in cruises, water sports etc. The blog category ‘Water’ offers travelogs about destinations connected to rivers, lakes and the sea.



TravMonkey is a great source for information about destinations in more than 20 countries. Just pick your favourite place to see the best things to do in the region and read some authentic travel reports.

The speciality of TravMonkey is live blogging about the trips. A train ride around Benelux, a trip to Stockholm or a weekend in Berlin are just some examples of the activities that the reader can read about in detail. You can see photos, videos and status updates while Google Maps shows you the exact route of the journey. This travel blog makes travelling into a true multimedia experience.

The Everywhereist


‘Yes, it’s a travel blog. But at its core, it’s a love letter to my husband.’ That’s how Geraldine describes what she is doing at The Everywhereist.

It’s been more than five years since she decided to accompany her husband who professionally travels around the globe. Since that time she has provided very frequent updates to her readers. Apart from impressions and photos from many different countries Geraldine offers many words of advice for city trips and shares her general thoughts on travelling.



The name of this blog directly gives you a clear hint about its content. The full name ‘ – Journeytelling Stories’ describes it even better. This English-German travel blog strives to tell the little stories that make travelling so interesting. For example, find out how interesting it can be to have a look at the picturesque doors of Turin and learn more about it.

Beyond that, Anekdotique has even more to offer. You can find many travel guides which will be a great help if you are planning your own trips.

The Aussie Nomad


This is the kind of blog you need when looking for things to do in different destinations. The author is an Australian who has visited countries in completely different parts of the world and began to write about it a couple of years ago. The tour descriptions of The Aussie Nomad are very detailed and the many photos of the trips give great impressions of every destination.

Borders Of Adventure


The experienced travel writer Becki is constantly on the road and takes us with her on a ride around the planet. She has literally travelled every continent apart from Antarctica and often tries to show a destination from unexpected perspectives.

Some of the most interesting places on Borders Of Adventure are not the everyday choices for vacations. Becki writes about city trips, adventure tours, rural life in faraway parts of the world and other often discussed topics. Her ‘borderline’ trips have brought her, amongst many other destinations, to North Korea and Palestine.

Travel Yourself


Not every travel blog has to follow the same concept. Travel Yourself is the best proof of this. The blog’s main features are the videos which form the core element of every post. That’s how Cailin O’Neil, operator of Travel Yourself, takes us with her on each trip and lets us participate in her experiences – of course, photo galleries and many articles are included. You should check out the photo of the day category as well.

Nomadic Samuel


Have you ever wanted to go to New York, Berlin or other famous cities and wondered what you could do there? Nomadic Samuel has the answer! The words of advice you can get there are profound, original and come with picture galleries and authentic videos.

Nomadic Samuel likes to tell multimedia stories about the places he visited. This approach makes the blog absolutely outstanding and very unique. Furthermore, if you are planning to stay abroad for a longer period of time you should have a close look at the many tips that you can get here.

Runaway Jane


Runaway Jane is a well-known travel blog which has built up quite a reputation during the last couple of years. Very frequent updates with many service topics make it a must read not only for globetrotters. The classical ‘things to do’ articles often revolve around cities and regions which rarely appear on an average travel blog. The amount of useful information on Runaway Jane is impressive in every aspect.



This blog outlines a long trip which is happening right now. James, a backpacker in a wheelchair, and his girlfriend share a goal: to spend 15 months travelling the USA, Japan, China, South East Asia and the regions of Australia. Their journey started in Brazil in January 2014 and has already lead them through most of South America. On Lookatallthepoorpeople James writes about their experiences during the trip and about the countries they visit.

Wonderful Wanderings


Here’s a very impressive statistic: to this date blog author Sofie has visited over 100 cities and she’s still 100% driven to show us every interesting detail of her trips. Wonderful Wanderings is a fabulous source for information about travelling in Europe and North America. Furthermore, you can find destinations in Africa and Asia. Next continents on the list: South America, Oceania and Antarctica.

Furthermore, Wonderful Wanderings has a great review category. It offers a wide range of travel book recommendations. What’s more, it contains reviews of hotels, tramping boots and whatever else could be useful for your next journey.

The Unworldly Travelers


Last on this list, but certainly not the least! ‘2 girls, 1 world, a whole lot to see’: that’s the slogan of The Unworldly Travelers. The two authors do not only write about their current holiday trips and plans. Here and there they also give us an insight into the trips they did many years ago. That’s why you will find entertaining stories about Hawaii in 1991 mixed in with their latest trip to Jamaica. The Unworldly Travelers is not a blog which was set up by travelling professionals. Its charm comes from the inherent love its authors have for seeing the world.

There you have it, our top 15 travel blogs. What do you think? Are there any of your favourites that we missed?

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