How to enjoy London on a tight budget

There is no need to drag on about how amazing London is. It is amazing and everybody knows. There is only one single aspect, which isn’t really that amazing: London is way too expensive. And I am not talking about property prices. Whether it’s a beer, a meal or a…


Three days in Miami – Day 3

So far we’ve provided sightseeing tips on the heart of Miami and suggestions on excursions in the Everglades with the previous two articles: Three Days in Miami-Day 1 and Three Days in Miami-Day 2. On the third day of your stay in Miami you will probably wake up slightly heavy-hearted…


Insider tips for visiting Budapest

Budapest – the Hungarian capital is one of the Must-See cities of Eastern Europe. Here are some insider tips from Zsuzsanna Molnar from Hungária Koncert Ltd. 1. Heroe’s Square It is one of the major squares in Budapest, Hungary, noted for its iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of…

Top festivals Venice

The 5 best festivals in Venice – more than just Carnival

Waterways with traditional gondolas, pigeons at the Piazza San Marco, narrow lanes and a one of a kind atmosphere is what traveller experience when coming to Venice. The Italian city is worth travelling anyway, but during the entire year there are many festivals you should definitely consider to go for….