Top 10 tips for your vacation in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and with its 8,3 million inhabitants the biggest city of the country. Many tourists coming to Bangkok only stay for a few days in order of a stopover. But no matter if your planning to come for a short break or a lasting holiday…


The 10 most spectacular sights in Dubai

Dubai is an imposing city in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the highest buildings in the world, literally scraping the sky. Apart from its impressing and over the top architecture, Dubai enchants its visitors with a breath-taking nature experience and the beauty of the amazing desert landscape. If you…

Top 15 Travel Blogs

Top 15 Travel Blogs

Reading travel blogs is a fabulous way to get inspiration for your next trip. However, the internet is full of them and it can be very difficult to find the best ones. Therefore, rent-a-guide has searched the web and can now present our top 15 travel blogs. Nomadic Notes Take…

The 10 most popular Cities in the USA

1. New York City New York is probably the most popular city in the world. This vibrant metropolis with its 18.9 million inhabitans is shaped by being an important location for film, music, sightseeing and culture. Additionally New York is one of the most significant economic and trading centers in…

Top things to do in Egypt

Top 5 things to do and see in Egypt- Egyptian Tour Guide Moustafa’s choice

Moustafa is an Egyptian tour guide on LocalGuiding and offers private guided tours in Cairo, Luxor and the rest of Egypt. Today he tells us his personal top 5 attractions he thinks you must see when travelling to Egypt: 1. The Great Pyramid of Giz…

Top festivals Venice

The 5 best festivals in Venice – more than just Carnival

Waterways with traditional gondolas, pigeons at the Piazza San Marco, narrow lanes and a one of a kind atmosphere is what traveller experience when coming to Venice. The Italian city is worth travelling anyway, but during the entire year there are many festivals you should definitely consider to go for….