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The holiday paradise Thailand is with an area of about 513 000km² comparable to the size of France. Geographically, the country offers you four different zones, each one promising an adventure. In the north of the country you will discover the foothills of the breathtaking Himalayas on a tour. The northeast is the land of the rice farmers, although it is characterized by barren soils. It is also the poorest region in the country. The sandy beaches shining in champagne, danced around by crystal clear and turquoise shimmering water, will inspire you as a backpacker, bathing and active vacationer in the south of the Southeast Asian kingdom. Brave divers and snorkelers move here with leopard sharks or corals glittering in all colours through the refreshing sea water.

A total of 60 million people live in Thailand. The capital Bangkok alone is home to 10 million Thais. Bangkok is the only city in the country that has established itself as a metropolis worldwide. The bubbling mixture of ultra-modern hotel complexes, historic temples and floating markets will enchant you on your journey through the foreign world. A city walk or a sightseeing tour by boat is worthwhile in Bangkok both by day and by night, when the city appears in a magical light. Experience brightly lit streets, eager Thais selling traditional Thai dishes in street kitchens or visit Bangkok's largest flower market and enjoy the view of the city's overwhelming skyline.

Day trips to the provinces surrounding Bangkok are particularly popular. Accompanied by a local guide you will drive to Rachaburi, Kanchanabur or to the temples of Ayutthaya. The guide will take you on a ride on the so-called "death train" over the wooden viaduct along the river Kwai. Here you can experience the bridge known from the 1957 film adaptation up close. Klong clones in the once destroyed and abandoned mangrove forests, attracts mainly nature tourists. The now revitalized tropical forest is now once again inhabited by fishing families who radiate a special feeling of community. Another highlight, which makes children's eyes shine, are the monkeys romping in the water. Thailand is rightly called the "Land of Smiles", so take the plunge into adventure and experience unforgettable moments in a colourful world that could not be more magical.