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South Africa: The country at the Cape of Good Hope is one of the most diverse and interesting countries on the African continent. The over 50 million inhabitants are extremely ethnically mixed. This is due to the many different backgrounds of the natives, who immigrated from the rest of Africa, but also from European countries such as the Netherlands and Great Britain. The two best known national languages are English and Afrikaans. The latter is a form of Dutch and has been spoken in South Africa for almost 500 years. The republic has been independent since 1961 and with the end of apartheid in the 90's, the first democratic elections of the country took place in 1994

The official capital of the country, located at the southernmost tip of Africa, is Pretoria. However, the classic tripartite division of powers is divided among three cities. The executive branch is located in Pretoria, but the judiciary and legislature are located in Bloemfontein and Cape Town. The largest city in the republic is another, Johannesburg, which lies 50 km south of Pretoria in the interior.

The most popular city with tourists is Cape Town. Only about 40 km away from the Cape of Good Hope, the city combines modern city life and the endless expanses of the African continent. For example, you can take day trips to the outskirts of the big city and take a look at the wine country. Or you can make an excursion to one of the most popular whale watching spots at the Cape: the Hermanus In order to get to know the city with all its facets and peculiarities, you should definitely book a city tour or guided tour with a local guide. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating dynamics of the city on a city walk and take the cable car up to Table Mountain. From there you have a wonderful view over the city and the adjacent Atlantic Ocean

Follow the traces of the past on an individual township tour that takes you to the residential areas of the local residents