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Egypt: The land of the pharaohs and architectural masterpieces such as the pyramids of Giza with the Pyramid of Khufu, lies at the north-eastern tip of Africa. Two stretches of coastline to the Middle Sea and the Red Sea, make the country a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The country's total population of over 80 million is concentrated mainly in Cairo, the country's capital. According to estimates, about 20 percent of the population live in the largest city in the Arab world.

For tourists, on the other hand, the cities of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are preferred, which, situated directly on the Red Sea, offer many possibilities for day trips. Diving and snorkeling excursions are very popular, which can be combined with a trip in an exclusive glass-bottom boat. Also desert safaris, quad tours and camel riding promise you unforgettable hours. A special highlight is also a dolphin tour, where you can get as close as never before to the sea mammals

If you would like to learn about the history of the country, you also have the opportunity to get to know and love the country and the cities from the perspective of a local on private city tours and guided tours. Particularly exciting is a tour of the city of Luxor, situated on the Nile, which is home to the Temple of Luxor, a temple complex on the World Heritage List

A visit to the impressive pyramids of Giza, which stretch up into the sky just outside the gates of Cairo, is also a must. These man-made structures are a prime example of the architectural art that the Egyptians perfected thousands of years before the beginning of our modern era. Nowadays, the tombs of the pharaohs are a popular destination. Every evening after dusk a spectacular sound and light show takes place, which you should not miss