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Romania - formerly a very popular destination for travellers within the Eastern Bloc countries. Affordable, blessed with breathtaking nature, picturesque beaches on the Black Sea coast, a culture shaped by life in the fascinating Middle Ages and people who are not yet familiar with classical tourists, but who are always happy to welcome guests.

Romania is located in south-eastern Europe and about 19 million inhabitants populate the country. The official national language is Romanian. In the past, Romania has penetrated the consciousness of Western Europe mainly through negative headlines: Poor orphans on the streets, packs of aggressive street dogs and corruption are only one side of the coin, however. On the other hand, the undiscovered beauty of the country shimmers through the dust of recent years. An idyllic mountain scenery, legendary caves in the Carpathians, enchanting traditions in the numerous small villages of the country. The list of the country's imposing beauties is almost endless and it is almost impossible to describe the diversity of the state in one sentence.

Around the region of the city of Cluj-Napoca in the northwest of Romania, it is worthwhile to make tours and excursions into the surrounding nature, which consists of forests, lakes and rivers. In the middle of western Transylvania, a German-speaking guide will take you on an adventure tour to the small Hungarian village of Rimetea. After a walk along the small white houses of the village, you will go on a hike to the ruins of Coltesti Castle. You prefer city life to a hike? Then visit the cultural centre of Romania. During a guided tour of Cluj-Napoca you will be on the trail of the Saxons, Hungarians and Romanians. Enjoy the panoramic view from the citadel and learn interesting and exciting things, vividly told by your tour guide, who will always accompany you on your tour and ensure a carefree stay.

If your destination is the Eastern Carpathians, you will go on an excursion into the wilderness. The adventurous expedition begins with the night train and from then on you will experience the wild life with deer, wolves and bears in the old and dead wooded forest

Get to know the real life in adventurous Romania, far away from mass tourism.