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The island off the southern tip of Florida is famous for hot rhythms, long nights and deliciously tasting drinks such as delicious rum or an exquisitely made mojito. Almost 12 million inhabitants live in a relatively small area, of which slightly more than 2 million live in the capital Havana. Come to the island and be enchanted by the beautiful nature and the many historical sites and sights of the colonial cities.

Havana, for example, is a masterpiece of old colonial architecture and takes you back to a long forgotten time. Take the time to take a guided city tour or tour in the hands of a local guide, who will not only tell you about the most important facts of the city, but also give you one or two insider tips. In the centre of the capital, for example, you can marvel at a replica of the Washington Parliament Building, which is used there as the Capitol. Maybe you have ever wondered why there seem to be so many old classic cars driving around in Cuba? This is because the trade in new cars had been banned in Cuba since around the beginning of the 1960s and the inhabitants had no choice but to make do with discarded vehicles from the USA or the former Soviet Union. Although the law was changed in 2011, you can still see the road crosses, most of which are several decades old, which are manoeuvred through the traffic like ships

Beside the cultural characteristics of Havana, the small island of course has a lot more to offer. For example, it is worth taking a trip or a day trip to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean or to the village of Trinidad, where you can watch cigars being made. Since this work requires a lot of tact and sensitivity, the precious glow sticks are still turned by hand today Visit Cuba and experience a vacation you will not forget so quickly