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Stand: Nov 14, 2014

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW REGARDING YOUR RESERVATION: These conditions are binding once you purchase any shore excursion provided.
Itinerary: UlkoTours reserves the right to change the order of sights and museum visits throughout the two days, in order to facilitate transportation and museum admission. Tour inclusions will stay the same. All excursions are subject to change without notice. Descriptions, departure times, itineraries may be altered and may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. Descriptions and excursion lengths are all based on approximate times and predetermined points of interest. Changes may be unavoidable and can be made at ULKOtours sole discretion. If you have plans that depend on the tour schedule, it's your responsibility to inform your tour manager in advance, so that we could try to stick to the original program. (for example, if you're planning to meet a friend at lunch-time, or are planning to come back to the ship in the middle of the day to pick up your kids/parents/friends etc) Responsibility – Personal Possessions: ULKOtours will not be responsible for personal possessions. Do not leave your possessions unattended at any time, either in the vehicles in which you are traveling or otherwise. Remember coats, umbrellas, cameras, handbags, wallets, traveling bags, binoculars, and similar items remain, at all times throughout the shore excursion, under the guest’s custody and control. There have been cases of passports stolen. Please be advised that ULKOtours will do everything to facilitate the process and use our special connections, but it's client's responsibility to cover all expenses involved in getting a new passport (consular fees, transportation to Moscow if necessary, overnight accommodation, etc). Responsibility – Medical Emergencies: Should a medical emergency occur, ULKOtours will contact American Medical Clinic for Emergency assistance ( It’s the Clients responsibility to pay any medical bills that occur as a result of the medical emergency assistance. ULKOtours will not pay any bills associated with your medical treatment. Exercise caution – Watch your step! GDT (GROUP) tours: Guaranteed Departure tours are group tours put together by 5 Founding Members of Baltic Cruise Association: UlkoTours, Anastasia Travel, TJ Travel, Alex Tours & Travel, MaxiBaltTours. Your tour might be operated by one of these BCA members, maintaining the quality of ULKOexperience. Tour operators have the right to require any individual to withdraw from an excursion at any time if they deem that individual’s conduct detrimental to or incompatible with the interests, comfort, well-being or harmony of the group (GDT) as a whole. Tour operators reserve the right to alter or adjust excursions to meet conditions for participant safety and convenience. Tour operators will NOT extend financial reimbursement to compensate for a guest’s disappointment in the event that circumstances beyond the reasonable control of BCA members or the tour operator make it impossible to provide services as intended. Theater: All visa-free visitors are required to have precise travel time indicated on Tour Tickets. If you purchase your theater/folk-show tickets ON YOUR OWN without notifying UlkoTours about this evening activity, UlkoTours DOES NOT bear responsibility for such clients NOT being able to pass customs on their way to the theater (say, your tour ends at 17:00 and you have purchased theater tickets for the show that ends at 23:00, and are planning to return to the ship to change and refresh. Thus you will be retuning at 17:00 as our paperwork says, but will also be requiring an ADDITIONAL entry to RUSSIA from 19:00 to 23:00, which has to be indicated on UlkoTours tour ticket). Do not risk your theater experience, notify ULKOtours in advance! There is a 100 USD PER PERSON fee for last minute trouble solving when you are ALREADY in RUSSIA (does not matter if it is early morning of the tour or you are already stuck at passport control before going to the theater).

Cancellations/Refunds: If you have to cancel your tour for some reason, ULKOtours always tries to be human and we work hard to cancel as many tour arrangements as possible. We don't want your money. Once your written cancellation is received, we will estimate what services and tickets are 100% non-refundable and will refund the rest of the amount within 7-14 days. Absolutely no refunds for last minute cancellations, less than 48 hrs. If the ship does not come to port due to weather conditions or any other reason - sorry, NO refunds. Guests are encouraged to purchase a Vacation Protection Plan from your Insurance Company to cover any eligible non-refundable shore excursion cancellation charges.

Thank you for choosing ULKOTours as your Shore Excursion provider in the Baltics.

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