Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Anbieters YesTrips

Stand: Sep 06, 2017

1. No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced, or in respect to any package, accommodation, meals or any other services that have been utilized.

2. Canceling a booking with YesTrips can result in cancellation fees being applied, as outlined below. Additional fees may be levied by the individual supplier/operator. When canceling any booking you will be notified via email, messages, facsimile or telephone of the total cancellation fees. (1) Event, Attraction, Theater, Show or Coupon Ticket These are non-refundable in all circumstances. (2) Other Tour Products & Services If you cancel 10 or more calendar days in advance, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 10-6 days in advance, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 5 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

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