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Stadtführer und Stadtführungen durch Breslau und Niederschlesien. Spaziergänge, Stadtrundfahrten, Schlesien-Touren mit sympathischen Guides! ;)




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Wir sind 10 unternehmungslustige deutschsprachige Guides aus Breslau. Wir zeigen Ihnen die wunderschöne Stadt und Umgebung - erzählen viel über das Leben der Einwohnern früher und heute.

Sympathisch, kompetent, mit Sinn für Humor...

Unser Angebot umfasst:

1. Spaziergänge durch Brelsau
Kurz und lang

2. Stadtrundfahrten durch Breslau
Mit der historischen Straßenbahn
Mit dem Schiff
Mit dem Elektroauto
Mit dem Sagway
Mit dem Bus/Kleinbus

3. Schlesien-Fahrten

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein!

  • City tour Wroclaw short and pleasant

    Sympathetic, competent, with a sense of humor. Guided tour of Wroclaw in two hours. The most important and beautiful sights in the Old Town Wroclaw!

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  • City tour Wroclaw classic

    Sympathetic, competent, with a sense of humor. City tour of Wroclaw 3,5h. The most beautiful sights of the city with two entries: University and Cathedral

    Infos & booking
  • Wroclaw - Luxury boat trip on the Oder and walk through the old town

    Join us for a boat trip on the Oder and a short walk through Wroclaw's Old Town.

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  • Wroclaw city tour with historic tram

    Romantic ride with the old, historic trams in Wroclaw "Jas i Malgosia" (up to 50 people) or "Juliusz" (up to 17 people).

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  • Wroclaw city tour by electric car and professionell guide

    See the most important sights of Wroclaw on an entertaining and comfortable city tour with the electric car and a professionell guide.

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  • "A full day in Wroclaw" - full day program

    See the most beautiful sights of Wroclaw such as the market square, the cathedral island and the "Centennial Hall" and take a boat trip across the Oder.

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  • Classic city tour followed by a tasting of Polish cuisine

    Get to know Wroclaw's Old Town on a classic city tour. Then, discover the delicious Polish cuisine in a local inn.

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  • Two-hour guided tour - Centennial Hall and surroundings

    Take a two-hour guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Centenary Hall, the Japanese Garden and pergola with water features.

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  • Wroclaw with dwarfs - city tour for children

    Enjoy an entertaining guided tour in the heart of Wroclaw. Follow the dwarves through the city and admire sights such as the cathedral island.

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  • Old beer town Wroclaw - Thematic city tour with beer tasting

    Join a city tour for beer lovers through Wroclaw's historic center. Visit 2 local breweries and sample the produce.

    Infos & booking
  • Wroclaw at night - Evening city tour

    Explore Wroclaw's Old Town after dark for a two-hour guided tour. Marvel at the cathedral island and other illuminated attractions.

    Infos & booking
  • Wroclaw yesterday and today - guided tour of old city photographs

    Embark on a vivid journey through the history of Breslau. Discover the connections to the present with a historical tour.

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  • With the Segway through Wroclaw with professional guide

    Forget the classic city walk to the foot. Experience the Breslau Old Town comfortably and safely by Segway for two hours.

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  • Night gondola ride through Wroclaw

    Get to know Wrocław during a short tour at night. Enjoy a romantic gondola ride on the Odra river with views of the sights.

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  • City tour through Wroclaw in an Electric Car

    During an entertaining city tour with an electric car, you'll admire the facets of Wroclaw and enjoy the support of your driver guide.

    Infos & booking
  • Walk through the Old Town of Wroclaw and Boat Trip

    Get a great view of Wroclaw's old town on a short walk. Afterwards you get to know Breslau on a boat trip from the water.

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  • Wroclaw: Private Walk through the Old Town with Gondola Ride

    Join us for a romantic gondola ride on the Oder, enjoy a short stroll through Wroclaw's old town and listen to the interesting information from your guide.

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  • Wroclaw: 2-Hour Private Guided Tour with Gondola Ride

    Enjoy an interesting tour of the old town of Breslau and a gondola ride accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide.

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  • Wroclaw: Private Tour of the Old Town with Solar Boat Ride

    Enjoy a great afternoon in Breslau, where you explore the old town with a guide and take a ride on the Oder with a solar catamaran.

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  • Wroclaw: Private Guided Panorama Tour with 3 Viewpoints

    See Breslau from above! This tour shows you the best viewpoints in the city - you can decide which three towers you want to climb.

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  • Wroclaw - Guided Tour through Old Town and Gondola Ride at Night

    Explore the brightly lit old town of Wroclaw on an evening stroll. Enjoy a nocturnal gondola ride on the Danube.

    Infos & booking
  • Wroclaw in the 2nd World War - Guided Tour with Old Photos

    Go on a journey back in time to the year 1945, war time in Breslau. Your professional guide will bring this time to life.

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  • Mysterious Wroclaw - Nightly Guided Tour with Thrills

    Enrich your holiday with an atmospheric walk through the old town. Get to know the secrets and dark sides of Wroclaw with a guide.

    Infos & booking
  • Secrets of the Oder Metropolis - New Perspectives of Wroclaw

    Get to know Wroclaw from a new perspective during a 2-hour tour. Your private guide will show you the old town accompanied by exciting anecdotes and legends.

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