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Ich bin seit 1991 als Deutschsprachiger Reiseleiter & English Speaking Tour guide in Bali, Indonesia mit zifriedenen Urlauber beruflich.




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Partnerschaft mit Rent Guide seit 2013 - sehen, scmecken und fühlen Durch den vermehrten Tourismus werden die Geheimtipps immer weniger. Dan die letzten Geheimnisse muss man immer intensiver suchen um diese auch zu entdecken. Davon geh ich aus, basiert auf dem tiefem Insiderwissen und lang jahrige Erfahrungen wollte ich nur mit den zufriedenen Urlaub di schonste Platzen entdecken und hautnah erleben. Die vorgestellte Angebote in diesem Protal nur zum uberblicken und als ein Basis zur Zusammenstellung von ihren individuelle Touren, Private Rundreise oder Urlaubsaktivitat. Seit 2013 arbeite ich mit zusammen, ich fuhle mich wohl und verstehe ich richtig ein dass Rent-a-Guide ist zukunftige Mitarbeiter, der mit Respeckt den lokalen Tourenguige anstellen will. Ich freue mich sehr, Sie in Bali zu begrüßen zu dürfen und Ihnen diese wunderschöne Insel Bali und Indonesia zeigen zu dürfen Herzliche Grüße aus Bali, Indonesien Dominikus

  • Private Tour: Fascination Bali

    Come with me and get to know the fascinating side of Bali.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: Seats of the Gods Bali

    Get to know the seats of the gods in Bali! This tour takes you to the most important temples of the island. You can also get to know the indigenous people of Bali.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: Original Bali

    Get to know Bali's history better! Let your personal guide show and explain the impressive temples to you.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: Bali Nature Pure

    Step into the beautiful nature of Bali which will take your breath away.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Bali: Beauty of the North

    This tour includes four different stops where you are guaranteed to see the most beautiful side of Bali's north.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: Unknown Bali with cult VW-Jeep

    Let one of our drivers show you Bali's impressive side in our cult VW jeep

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Bali: Romantic Tour in a VW-Jeep

    What would a Bali vacation be without discovering the romantic side? Let our driver and guide show you these in one of our VW jeeps.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Lombok: Fantastic south

    Come with us on a private tour of Lombok and learn about the legend of King Putri Mandalika Nyale, among other things.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Lombok: Romantic East

    Experience a journey through the different villages of Lombok and be culturally impressed by the country and its people.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: Cultural highlights of Lombok

    Visit the cultural highlights of Lombok and learn all about its history and religion.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Lombok: Exotic world of the north

    Experience a very special journey through Lombok's nature and collect unforgettable impressions.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour Lombok: Diving- and Snorkelling Paradise

    Discover the underwater world of Gili Air, make a fantastic adventure trip through the ocean and be fascinated.

    Infos & booking
  • Private island tour over Lombok

    Discover and experience Lombok, one of the islands of Indonesia, on a private tour. Decide for yourself where your journey will take you

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: 3-day tour through Lombok

    Experience three days full of new impressions and let your private guide take you through the most beautiful places in Lombok.

    Infos & booking
  • Private Tour: 6-day round trip through Lombok

    Explore Lombok's most beautiful corners with your private guide and experience unforgettable moments.

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Great tour, great day, with many indents in a beautiful landscape, an interesting culture and impressive temples. We learned a lot about Bali's culture and life. Dominikus with his extensive knowledge, heart and wit brought us closer to Bali. For us made visible culture, religion, temple and the deep inner beauty. For this we thank him very much

Reply of the supplier on 21. March 2020

Hello Ms. Annemaria, it is my great pleasure for beeng you tour guide of the last great trip on the Island of Gods. Bali. As we noted in our philosphy that our unique and tailor-made trip or tour is dedicated for those who want to rediscover the hidden paradise Bali. Seeing, tasting and feeling is the only way to chater your holiday dream. Let us pray for the world and hope that everything will go well, alles wird gut gehen, andrà tutto bene. Thank you Bali Entdecken Team - Dominikus

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A very nice tour with Dominikus, a guide who leaves no questions or wishes unfulfilled. When travelling to another country we should learn again to meet nature and culture in respect. On the hunt for beautiful pictures it is often forgotten. So that the magic of Bali is not lost !

Reply of the supplier on 16. March 2020

Tutto Bene - Libe Gina, Sie haben mir einen Kampfgeist in meinem Bewusstsein eingepflanzt. Wir hoffen dass uber Weltgemeisankeit ""alles besser wird"

Reply of the supplier on 16. March 2020

Tutto Bene, Thank You Ms. Gina for transplanting a hope in to my mindset, your testimony is meaningful and value my next organisation.

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Dominicus, thank you for showing us this beautiful country. Thank you, for the wonderful places to enjoy coffee. We enjoyed it all very much. And... Corona is not here, it is too hot :)

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I did the tour together with my Thai mother-in-law and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Our guide Dominikus speaks fluent German and English, was very friendly, extremely well informed and responded to all individual wishes. What I especially liked was that in the otherwise quite crowded Bali you got to know places where there were no or hardly any other tourists and this although they were sometimes the most beautiful of the whole trip.

I would recommend this tour to anyone who would like to see a little more of Bali than just the famous (and therefore crowded) temples and at the same time get a lot of first hand information about the respective places. We liked it so much that we booked another tour (sunrise at Batur) with Dominikus the same day.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

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