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Hi. I'm MARK SEGALL—founder, President, and sole employee of URBAN SHERPA TOURS nyc. I could've simply named my website "MARK SEGALL tour guide," but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a BRAND NAME and become that brand's human TRADEMARK—thus joining the ranks of Col. Sanders, Betty Crocker & the Pillsbury Doughboy.

My brand-name, URBAN SHERPA comes out of my admiration for the world's GREATEST guides—the SHERPAS of TIBET

Generations of mountain climbers have trusted sherpas to get expeditions through snow and howling winds to the peak of MT EVEREST And to get them back to base camp, warm, well-fed, safe and sound.

While this City would't throw an avalanche across your path, it does delight in thwarting the visitor with its own ever-shifting obstacle course. To negotiate the NYC's chaos like a native —gracefully, not grimly—you need a NATIVE GUIDE. A sherpa of your very own—an URBAN SHERPA.

------------------------------------------- A few of my CREDENTIALS

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