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Follow the programme of the guided tours

The choice of guided tours through the Vatican is enormous. Many visitors do not want to miss any of the highlights and often book tickets at the lowest price. But be careful: especially the guided tours through the Vatican Museums are different. Not on all guided tours you will see for example the punching of the Raffael. Read the tour program carefully!

Private or public tour?

That's entirely in the eye of the beholder! The guides of private Vatican tours are flexible on their tours and can take your individual wishes into account. Public tours are somewhat cheaper and the program is more tightly planned. Advantage of both variants: on a guided tour you always pass the lines and save unnecessary waiting time.

Vatican Tours

Guided tours of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica are offered in the languages of all nations. Booking tickets early is worthwhile, also in terms of price!

Meet the Pope

Meet the pope in the Vatican just like that? Unthinkable. But whoever wants to see the pope has the opportunity to do so every Wednesday. At 10.30 the audience with the Pope begins. In summer it takes place in St. Peter's Square, in winter in the Vatican Auditorium. For a place with good visibility you should arrive early. The security checkpoints open between 8.00 and 8.30 am.

Have time

There is much to see in the Vatican City. Whether Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens or St. Peter's Basilica, take enough time to discover the highlights of the Vatican. To see the Sistine Chapel you should enter the museums before 3 pm, otherwise you won't make your way to the chapel before the museums close.

7 curious facts about the Vatican

Those who visit the Vatican and have enough time should also take the short way to the Castel Sant'Angelo. From here you have one of the most beautiful views of Rome and St. Peter's Basilica. For the Pope there was even an escape tunnel between the Vatican and the nearby fortress in case the city was attacked, and the Vatican City with all its sights is one of the most popular destinations in Rome. Vatican tours and guided tours are among the most sought after activities. You can find out what to expect on your guided tour of the Vatican here:

1. A separate post office for the Vatican

As a sovereign state, the Vatican has its own postal service, the "Poste Vaticane". However, the stamps are valid only in the territory of Vatican City. A total of about 7,200 mail items per capita are sent within the Vatican. That's a world record. In Italy, for example, there are only 109.

2. Most criminal place in the world

With an area of only 0.44km² and less than 1000 inhabitants, Vatican City is the most criminal place in the world, if you compare the number of crimes with the number of inhabitants. But don't worry, in most cases it is only petty crime such as pickpocketing. Fortunately, because the Vatican City Prison only has room for two people and is currently used as a storage room. Tip: Beware of tricksters who sell cheap skip-the-line tickets in the Vatican.

3. Latin lessons for tourists

Not carrying the necessary change? No problem, because there is also an ATM in the Vatican City. The special feature: it is the only ATM in the world that gives its instructions in Latin. This way, withdrawing money quickly becomes an exciting holiday experience.

4. Bargain shopping in the Vatican

In the supermarket of the Vatican City, residents and tourists can buy almost anything their heart desires. Irons, freezers, epilators and of course food. On average all goods are about 20% cheaper than in Italy! Because the Vatican does not levy value added tax. By the way, this also applies to petrol at the petrol stations. But tourists can't save any money here, because only Vatican citizens and employees are allowed to fill up their tanks here.

5. Special rules in the Vatican City Pharmacy

American aspirin is not available in Italy. In the pharmacy of the Vatican already and thus the most sold medicine here is the 100-packs of headache tablets. What there isn't here about that? Condoms, the birth control pill and Viagra.

6. Five Vatican babies per year

Catholics are only allowed to have sexual intercourse within marriage. Only a few married couples live in Vatican City, but nevertheless about one to five genuine Vatican citizens are born in the Vatican every year. The parents are usually members of the Swiss Guard.

7. A separate football league for the Vatican City

The Vatican has its own selection of the best football players in the Vatican City State as well as its own league. However, since the smallest state in the world does not have a football pitch with natural grass that meets FIFA standards, the Vatican City is not a member of the world's most important football association.

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