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Is it worthwhile visiting the Moulin Rouge?

Although Paris has many similar venues, the Moulin Rouge is and remains unique. The glorious past of the vaudeville reaches up to the present day and is now combined with modern elements of entertainment. The perfectly coordinated performances, costumes and stage sets manage to cast a spell over every visitor and guarantee an evening that will not soon be forgotten. A show at the Moulin Rouge is particularly worthwhile for adults. The events at the Moulin Rouge are sexy but tasteful. Children from the age of 6 are admitted, but not everything here is necessarily for children's eyes. It is worth visiting the Moulin Rouge without children.

Reserve tickets in time

Due to the uniqueness of the shows, they are extremely popular and usually sold out several months in advance. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays tickets are hard to get. Therefore, please make sure you get your tickets in time. During the week the chance of getting tickets is higher than on the weekends. We recommend buying tickets for a show at the Moulin Rouge online.

It's worth coming early

Depending on which show you visit, there are arrival times that you should try to keep to so that you can start the evening completely relaxed. If you are attending a dinner show, you should be at the Moulin Rouge between 18:45 and 19:30. The end of the show will be around 23:00 in the evening. For the 21:00 o'clock event you should arrive at the Varieté between 20:30 and 20:45 o'clock. Here the show also ends around 23:00 o'clock. If you want to visit the last show at 23:00, you should be on site between 22:30 and 23:00. If you visit the last show in the evening, you should think about the way back. The metro in Paris closes at just before 1:00 a.m. during the week and one hour later on weekends.

When you receive your table number

The Moulin Rouge not only stands for breathtaking shows, but also for excellent service. In order to be able to supply them again and again, the table numbers are assigned individually and anew every day. You can book tickets in advance, but you will only be allocated your table on site. Instead, the in-house maître d' will assign you your table on arrival. This allows the Moulin Rouge to run smoothly through the evening. The early bird gets the worm. For a good table it is worth coming early.

How to comply with the dress code

There is a unique atmosphere at the Moulin Rouge, and to support and preserve it, you should respect the prevailing dress code. Those who do not observe the dress code will be denied entry here. "Business casual" is the motto. Ties, jackets and evening dresses are welcome. Sports shoes, T-shirts and torn jeans are not part of the clothing you should wear at the Moulin Rouge. At least make sure you wear neat jeans with a shirt, then nothing will stand in the way of your evening.

How to get to the Moulin Rouge

The best way to get around Paris is to take the well-developed Métro. The nearest stop is "Blanche" on line 2, which is within walking distance of the Moulin Rouge and offers the easiest connection. The Métro opens every morning at 5:30 am and closes at 1:15 am between Monday and Thursday (and Sunday). On Fridays and Saturdays it runs about one hour longer. So if you want to go to a show at 23:00 in the evening, the metro will stop running. Book a taxi in time or use Uber, for example.

5 highlights that await you at the Moulin Rouge away from the show

Moulin Rouge stands for fascinating Parisian tradition paired with modern art. Perfectly coordinated dance interludes, costumes and stage shows embedded in an absolutely atmospheric venue create a truly magical overall picture. In addition to the shows at the Moulin Rouge, you can top your visit to the Parisian variety theatre:

1. Souvenir photos from the photographer

During the entire show, photography and video recordings are strictly prohibited. This is also very strictly controlled, as it would not serve the general atmosphere and pictures of the mostly topless women do not belong everywhere shared. For this reason, before the show, professional photographers go through the event rooms for souvenir photos of an unforgettable evening.

2. Extend your program with an exclusive dinner

In addition to the simple performances, the Moulin Rouge offers the so-called "Dinner Show". Look forward to an evening of great entertainment and a dinner prepared by the star chef including a glass of champagne. The dinner shows last almost two hours longer than the other dance performances.

3. Large selection of champagne and wine

Many people do not know that under the Moulin Rouge there is a huge champagne and wine cellar. During the dinner shows you can enjoy a glass of the delicious selection. If you prefer a good wine, you can of course also get it.

4. Unique souvenirs for home

Are you looking for a suitable souvenir for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones at home? During the day, you can easily stop by the souvenir shop around the corner, located on the corner of Rue Lepic, within walking distance of the Moulin Rouge. However, if you wish to buy souvenirs just before or after the show, there is also a small shop at the Moulin Rouge. Besides typical offers, there are also special gifts to discover, such as beautiful necklaces and earrings.

5. Celebrate Christmas or New Year at the Moulin Rouge

In addition to the everyday shows, the Moulin Rouge also offers special shows for Christmas or New Year's Eve. These deviate from the normal program and are provided with many extras such as dance evenings with DJs, special menus or even gifts. If you are spending Christmas or New Year's Eve in Paris, a visit to the Moulin Rouge is worth considering!

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