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St. Paul's Cathedral: Tickets & guided tours

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Travel tips for the visit of St. Paul's Cathedral

Best time to visit the St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral in London is a true milestone in the history of sacred buildings. The cathedral is considered the most famous church of the British capital. St. Paul's belongs on every sightseeing list for London, so the rush is always high. Especially on Saturdays many tourists come to visit. Plan the visit for a weekday and come as early as possible. Then the chances are high not to have to queue. Sunday services are held in St. Paul's Cathedral. The cathedral is then closed for a visit.

Opening hours

Opening hours Cathedral & CryptOpening hours Whisper Gallery, Stone Gallery & Golden Gallery
Mon - Sat08:00 - 16:3009:30 - 16:30
Last admission4:00 p.m4:15 p.m

Tricks without queuing & waiting time

About two million visitors visit St. Pauls Cathedral every year. The waiting times are often quite long, even in the morning hours. Buy your tickets online. Tickets purchased on site at the box office are more expensive than tickets booked in advance. If the ticket costs 18 pounds (approx. 20.50€) at the cash desk, it only costs 18.50€ online. Another advantage: with this ticket you enjoy preferential admission. So you save a lot of waiting time in the queue. If you want to visit St. Paul's spontaneously, it is best to take the entrance through the crypt. Here the waiting times are shorter than at the other entrances of the cathedral.

Free entry

Sightseeing in London is expensive. Those who want to save the entrance fee for the St. Paul's Cathedral can participate in a mass in the cathedral. Admission to the mass is free, but you only have the opportunity to admire the interior of the church and cannot move freely around the building. If you want to admire all the highlights of the sacred site, you must buy tickets for the visiting hours. By the way, audio and multimedia guides are already included in the entrance fee.

Free guided tours St. Paul's Cathedral

Two different free guided tours are offered daily in the cathedral. An introductory tour, which lasts around 20 minutes and starts regularly at the Info-Point. The second free guided tour is a 90-minute tour of the entire church. The tour starts at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 14:00. For the latter, you must register in advance at the Info-Point at the entrance to the church. You can also book a private group tour (with prior reservation) for groups of 10 or more, which also lasts 90 minutes. It costs 5,00€ extra per person.

How much time you need for a visit

Take your time for your visit and plan at least two hours for your tour.

Directions: The easiest way to St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is located in the heart of central London, just a stone's throw from the Thames. Use the Central Line of the subway and get off directly at the stop "St.Paul's". The District and Circle Line stop at "Mansion House" and are only about five minutes' walk from St. Paul's Cathedral. A large number of buses, including lines 4, 8, 11, 15, 17, 23, also stop in the immediate vicinity. At best you leave the car at home. If you are dependent on it, you can park your car in the public car park on Queen Victoria Street.

4 Top Highlights in the St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is located in the City of London, only about 5 minutes walk from the Thames. After the big fire of London in the year 1666, in which nearly 75 % of the whole city were destroyed, also the former cathedral had to be rebuilt. Today the imposing church, with its famous dome, shines in classical baroque style and is famous for the royal wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles, among other things. One thing in advance: For your way up to the 111 meter high dome in which some highlights of the cathedral are located, you should be fit to climb stairs, the rest you will read in the next section.

1. Whispering Gallery

The path to the Whispering Gallery takes you up about 257 steps. The special and name-giving highlight of this gallery is that your whisper can be understood even at a distance of 30 meters due to the special construction. Page can be heard. Absolutely try it out!

2. Stone Gallery

A spiral staircase takes you from the Whispering Gallery to the Stone Gallery at a height of about 52 metres. To get to this gallery you have to climb a total of 376 steps. The gallery is located outside. You can take a breather in the fresh air and enjoy a great view of London.

3. The Golden Gallery

The third gallery, the Golden Gallery, is the highest at 85 metres and will surprise you with a beautiful and unspoilt view over London. Unfortunately, this last stage is not suitable for people with a fear of heights, as it can only be climbed via an open staircase with 528 steps.

4. The Crypt

In the lower vault of the cathedral is the imposing crypt, which is used as a resting place for a large number of famous personalities. In the numerous graves and monuments there are among others the worldly remains of Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, or Admiral Lord Nelson. Winston Churchill and Florence Hightingale were not buried here, but two monuments were erected for them.

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