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Pig Beach: Swimming pigs in the Bahamas

Pigs swimming in the sea? Sounds strange, but it is on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Exuma Cays, a small group of pigs live on a small beach on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. The Pig Beach in the Bahamas is home to about 15 animals, is located about 130 kilometers southeast of Nassau and is surrounded by white sandy beach and crystal clear water.

The swimming pigs can be found on Big Major Cay, popularly called Pig Beach. The island belongs to a complex of more than 300 small islands of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The main island is Great Exuma. Its capital, George Town, is inhabited by 1400 inhabitants. Pig Beach is located about 110 kilometres southwest of Great Exuma. The nearest inhabited island is Stanley Cay.

Getting there: This way you'll get to Pig Beach

The journey to the pigs involves some effort. Fortunately - this way the animals are largely preserved from mass tourism.

Before you decide on a type of transfer, you should consider how much you are willing to pay and therefore weigh up the comfort and duration of the journey. Of course, we are talking about the Bahamas, but differences in duration and price can be seen in the different modes of transport.

From Stanley Cay to Pig Beach

Since Stanley Cay is the closest inhabited island, the fastest way to get to Pig Beach from here. You will find a small airport on this island, which is served by propeller planes.

From here you can take a Pig Beach excursion directly to the piglets.

From Exuma to Pig Beach

If you are already on Great Exuma, this is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get there. On Exuma itself there is a small airport, which is served by several airports in Florida and Nassau. However, direct flights from Florida to Great Exuma are rather rare, a stopover in Nassau is possible. From there we continue to Great Exuma

From Nassau to Pig Beach

From Nassau you can either take the plane or the ferry to Great Exuma. The fastest and most comfortable way to travel is by plane, but this option is more expensive. With the ferry you save money, but you are on the road for a long time, travel times of 12 hours are possible and there are not always daily connections. Arriving on Great Exuma, you will travel on by boat to the pigs on Big Major Cay.

Alternatively, you can take a day trip from Nassau directly to the piglets.

From Miami to Pig Beach

To get to Big Major Cay from Miami, we recommend you take a direct flight to Great Exuma and from there take a boat to the pigs.

Alternatively, if there is no direct flight to Great Exuma at your travel time, a flight to Nassau or Stanley Cay is possible. From Nassau you can either take another flight or a ferry to Great Exuma. From both Stanley Cay and Great Exuma you can easily reach the pigs by boat.

From Fort Lauderdale to Pig Beach

The direct flight to Stanley Cay is practical, comfortable, but quite expensive. If you book a direct flight to George Town, the capital of Great Exuma, you will get a little cheaper. As a third option, you can take a ferry to Freeport and from there another ferry or flight to Nassau. From Nassau you can choose between a flight or a ferry crossing to Great Exuma.

In general, the sequence is quite similar: you take a plane, which takes you to a bus, which takes you to a boat, which finally takes you to the piggies.

Because there are already a lot of different possibilities to get to the Pig Beach, we have created an overview for you here:

From Stanley Cay

Day trip directly to Pig Beach with a guide (optional from Nassau with extra charge)

From Great Exuma

Excursion by boat to Pig Beach

From Nassau

By airplane to Stanley Cay or Great Exuma, from there it goes by boat to the pigs

With the ferry to Great Exuma, from there boat trip to Pig Beach



Half or day trip directly to Big Major Cay

From Miami


By plane to Nassau, Great Exuma or Stanley Cay

Day trip from Miami

From Fort Lauderdale

Flight to Staniel Cay or Great Exuma


By ferry to Freeport, from there by ferry to Nassau

This is what tours to the piglets cost

As Stanley Cay is the next inhabited island to Pig Beach, excursions from here are the cheapest. Between 50-200$ you pay here for a trip.

A journey from Exuma to the Pig Beach in the Bahamas costs approximately 100-220$.

If you want to make a day trip from Nassau to Pig Beach, the tour prices are 400-500$.

A day trip from Miami by boat to the Bamahas is about 200€. From there you can get to the Big Major Cay to see the pigs for a fee of 75$. A round-trip flight from Miami to Great Exuma starts at $400.

You can also start your trip to the Bahamas Piggies from Fort Lauderdale airport. Plan on costs of $600-800 for this.


Why book with us?

Visiting the piglets is not necessarily cheap. If you book your trip to the Pig Beach on rent-a-guide, you are on the safe side. The supplier receives payment only after the tour has taken place. So if your tour is cancelled for whatever reason and not carried out, you will get your money back in any case. In addition, you will only find certified providers and thus avoid falling into deceptive rip-off traps.

In addition, you can approach us at any time with problems or questions and thus receive help from a competent and English contact person.

Tips and what you should consider

The visit of the piglets is connected with some hours of effort. The times of the flights and the tours to the pigs often overlap, so you cannot visit the pigs on the same day of your arrival. You should therefore ideally plan a 2-day stay if you are travelling on your own.

Overnight accommodations on Stanley Cay are manageable, the Stanley Cay Yacht Club would be an option. On Great Exuma, the choice of hotels is a little bit more numerous, for example overnight stays are possible in the Two Turtles Inn or in the Villa Mare.

Planning before the journey should also start early enough. If you are travelling to Stanley Cay with a small propeller plane, the few places there are often fully booked. In addition, daily connections from the individual islands to Great Exuma, Stanley Cay or the piglets themselves are not always guaranteed. So make a plan in time, when and how you want to visit the little ones.

If you would like to travel comfortably and directly to the pigs and are willing to pay a little more, we recommend our day trip to Pig Beach from Nassau. At the end of the day you will return to Nassau, so you will not need to spend the night on Stanley Cay or Great Exuma and will not have to worry about transfers or the like.

As the pigs will happily snatch anything edible from your hand, it is best to have enough food with you. It is advisable to get the bread already in the USA or Nassau, as it can be a problem to find grain products on Exuma.
Please respect the animals and feed only bread or fruit. The piglets are also happy about drinking water from the bottle.


Is a trip to the swimming pigs worthwhile?

You are surrounded by crystal clear blue water, white sandy beach and breathtaking nature. In the middle of nowhere you will find a paradise with pigs. The way to paradise, however, is connected with quite high costs. But you will therefore most likely meet only a few people who will be with you at the piggies. The excursion to the cute pigs can be combined well with other highlights of the Exuma Cays. You snorkel in the famous Thunderball Grotto and stand in a shoal of sharks that you can pet.

Depending on where you start your tour to Pig Beach from, your stay with the pigs themselves will not be too long. We therefore recommend a trip from Great Exuma or Stanley Cay, as the crossing to Big Major Cay from there takes little time.

In general, a trip to the swimming pigs is more recommendable if you have two days or more available in the Bahamas. Time is simply too short for one day and on the Bahamas you want to be relaxed, which is typical for the country.

They are swimming pigs, in beautiful surroundings - you can't get closer to these cute animals. As long as you treat the animals with respect and the little ones can enjoy your food, you can get close to them without anything (dangerous) happening. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about the condition of the animals, they are well cared for and, despite the tourist attraction, are well treated and not forced to do anything.

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